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White River Energy Partners I, LP

Winter 2023 - CLOSED

“White River Energy Partners I, LP (“Fund”) was established as an investment fund with the purpose of providing accredited investors the opportunity to invest in the oil and gas sector. The Fund is structured as a short-term limited partnership fund and seeks to meet three distinct objectives for its Investor Partners.

Through its arduous due diligence and investment review process, White River Private Capital continues to uncover and bring to market potentially lucrative investment opportunities for financial professionals and their clients. These opportunities span a wide range of industry types and structures, including oil and gas drilling programs, as well as other tax-efficient and income-producing investment programs.
Offering Price

$25,000 per investment unit; see PPM for fees and expenses

Minimum Investment


Investor Suitability

Accredited investors only

Fund Structure

Short-term Limited Partnership with an approximate hold period of 42 months

Targeted Distribution

Intended to be monthly, paid 2 months in arrears after initial production; not guaranteed and subject to board approval

Unit Repurchase Plan

No unit repurchases during fund term

Targeted Liquidity Event

Anticipated acquisition of all of the Investor Partner Units at PV20 valuation subject to cash available and board approval

Tax Reporting


Annual Management Fee

Up to 1.00% of total capital invested

Drilling Cost Arrangement

At cost: no markup to fund investors

PIPE Investor Opportunity

Winter 2023 - CLOSED

White River Energy Corp (“White River” or the “Company”) is conducting a private placement in public equity (“PIPE”) offering of up to $20,000,000 of units (the “Units”) or up to 25,740,026 Units, each Unit consisting of one share of Common Stock and two Warrants, each as more particularly described below. The Units are offered on a “best efforts, no minimum” basis. There is a minimum purchase of $7,770 or 10,000 Units per investor.

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